harvey      Harvey Harman

Harvey is an experienced permaculture design teacher, CSA farmer, residential & commercial contractor, and master plumber. He loves to play guitar, dance, and belt out a tune or two. His passion for sustainability has nurtured the vision for Living Well Community, and drawn together a core of people who embody similar principles.

A father of three sons and grandfather of two, he naturally shares his wisdom and knowledge with others to help enrich their lives, as his life is enriched by all the people whose paths cross his.

nancy     Nancy Harman

I am a mystic, mother, and midwife. I find energy in growing organic food and creating amazing meals from it. My purpose in life is creating communities that work well for everyone. Living Well Community is made up of visionaries who bring their passion and creativity to steward the earth, create music and art, and ground themselves in the Divine. Harvey and I are very excited about all the powerful movement within the community right now. I like midwifing, singing, dancing and laughing. Together with Harvey, we are the parents of three young men, and a grandson and granddaughter.

doug     Doug High

Doug High is a man who realizes that everyone and everything are all interwoven threads in the Divine fabric. He is an organic gardener. A devotee of the Indian sage, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, a Nutrition and Wellness Coach, and a grandfather of nine.

Living Well attracts me because of the powerful personal energies who have assembled and coalesced to manifest a conscious community where mutual support, cooperation, honoring nature and the Divine present in each of us, blossom as joy, lightness, love, and fun. It is a community where personal responsibility, living as one’s word, acceptance of what is, and mutual respect define its context raison d’être.




barry     Moose

When I was introduced to the land at in Franklinville, I fell in love with it. It has it’s own energy that speaks to you and demands respect. Nowadays, it hard to come up with land that has not been bastardised. Having the blessing to meet Harvey and Nancy Harman in 2001 and getting to know them well, I attest that this land is in the hands of the best stewards in the area.
I come from Southern Senegal (West Africa) where I grew up with my grand parents. They were rice farmers and very respectful of the land that fed and protected them for centuries. The traditional culture understood that social security was on the land and the community. Nancy, Harvey and all the people who are today supporting The Living Well Community understand that social security is not some fictional number being handled by some specialist out there. With my respect to those specialists, one understands what real social security is when a house burns down in traditional Thionck Essyl,the village I grew up in.

The bottom line is that the Native Americans who lived in the area strategically chose this spot just like Thionck Essyl was selected by my ancesters, after careful and wise observation. The reason why I am in love with this place is that it has it’s own beautiful energy, and it has all it needs to allow a wonderful community, where cultures from around the world will come to gather and share this wonderful life on earth. I can hear the drums of the Native Americans and the Africans, the Fulani drums and the Irish flutes in concert. I can see traditional wisdom working together with appropriate technology to bring the place as much as possible into sustainability. In the evening, I can see again that concert of traditions, celebrating life on earth in a place where all generations are respected. Blessing to all the Living Well Community.






image   Deb Andrews

After years of craving community, I started researching intentional/cohousing communities. I wanted to live more sustainably with spiritual, like-minded people and in a place that would heal my body and my spirit.
I discovered Living Well, bought a lot and started meeting monthly with other LW folks as we began to bring our vision into reality. Last year, my cohousing partner, Cindy, and our two dogs moved into our small cottage and were the first settlers at Living Well. Debra & Tom moved in soon after. Three other houses are under construction. Several others are in the planning stages.
Even though we currently only have 4 of us on the land, it already feels like a real community. Getting snowed in became a play day with a shared meal and a movie. Leftovers that you are tired of become a treat for your neighbors. Walking the dogs becomes a time for conversation. Our monthly meeting includes sharing our experience of living on the land with those who are planning to be there soon.
We will start our community garden this Spring and have plans for many projects such as a root cellar, outdoor pizza/bread oven, well for drinking water, tool shed, shower house, screened gazebo and more.
I envision a true village of diverse people who look after each other in all ways. I see a house for gathering, abundant garden, edible landscaping and many shared amenities. Also, yoga and tai chi, reiki, daily walks, workshops, and just getting together over a cup of tea.
I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I didn’t just move. I didn’t just build a house. I started living in a whole different way—in community! Andrews is spiritually-focused, an avid organic gardener, dog lover, quilter, lover of walks. She is a homebody who wants a community of like-minded people with whom to be home.

Deb is committed to the Living Well Cohousing Project. She can hardly wait to jointly create a village on this very special land! Deb envisions neighbor helping neighbor, communal meals, yoga, reiki, Chi Kong, gardening and food preservation, gatherings of all sorts–right in her own back yard! She would love to share things such as a vehicle, computers, the internet, tools, exercise equipment, dreams, advice and free time.


image   Debra Hayden-Barrett

Tom and I designed the Barrett House at Living Well with the intention of creating a sacred space for ourselves and others. We begin each day in prayer and meditation with gratitude for the Blessing of our lives.

Being retired, our time is devoted to gardening, preparing healthy meals and snack, hiking, reading, knitting, creating music and dreaming of new ways to be of service to our community. We welcome family, friends and guests to dream with us as we rock on our porch taking in the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

The Barrett House will be hosting yoga and meditation retreats, a day of prayer and reflection as well as offering overnight guests a space of solitude.

To inquire please email us at:

image    Tom Barrett


A personal bio is always fluid in content and context. Today I am happy to join my wife, Debra, as the second family to build a home and live here at Living Well Community. I love our new timber frame home and the way it nestles into the lush natural surroundings blending well as if participating in her beauty. As one of the pioneers I intend to lend my voice to the vision and form of our continually evolving community.

I am passionate about music, playing guitar and composing original songs. Through these assembled notes I aim to lyrically reveal my zest for life and love and express a way of seeing which is meaningful to me today. I hold my past with warm affection, wonder and deep gratitude. Through these experiences and relationships I have learned and grown and upon them I stand and because of them I lean forward.

I eagerly await our community collaboration in food production, harvesting, preparation and preserving. With some background in home gardening and currently studying about companion planting and deer resistant varieties I am ready to be enlarged by the expertise of my neighbors.

At the heart of all I am and do is my passion for spiritual growth and its applications in everyday living. Raised as a Catholic Christian my path is being renewed through a deeper appreciation for the liturgy, centering prayer and the contemplative dimension of the gospel. I am especially attracted to the perennial wisdom tradition resurfacing today rising up from the deep roots of a wide range of religious traditions. Some of my favorite authors are; Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Marcus Borg, Cynthia Bougeault, Thomas Merton…

Today, more than ever before, ready access to a broad diversity of mentors supporting models of cooperative living and strategies promoting unity and the common good abound. With enthusiasm and delight I throw myself into our project here at Living Well and with a commitment to ongoing personal transformation seek to participate, simultaneously, in the change I desire for the world.


image     Charlotte Vetter

I moved to NC from my native Maryland thirty-five years ago with my    husband and son – not quite “back to the landers”, but definitely seeking and finding a small town way of life in Carthage. As an accountant I worked for a variety of business and not-for-profit organizations over the years, as well as running my own tax practice in Carthage until my retirement.

When I retired, my husband Skip and I spent much of our time traveling the eastern seaboard in our RV. He was an artist and nature photographer, so we sought out the places where we could get away and just enjoy the beauty of the natural world. After his death in 2013, alone for the first time in my life, I was struggling with how to face my future when I discovered Living Well.

The setting reminds me of many of the places we visited. It feels like a park, complete with walking trails and open spaces, but there’s also a new community of like- minded folks where I feel at home. It seems like it will be the best of both worlds and I look forward to being a part of it.


imageLaurie Cone
I am a mom, teacher, budding medicinal plant ally, lover of hacky sack, ponderer of big ideas, and I would make everything by hand if I had the time.
My favorite things might be simple delicious food and good conversation, followed closely by camping, dancing, and practicing my Spanish.

I feel tremendously grateful for the good fortune of finding Living Well – the land and the people – and I can’t wait to move in once my son finishes high school.