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One becomes a member of Living Well Community by buying a lot at Living Well Community and affirming the four core values of Community, Health/Wellness, Sustainability, and Honoring the Sacred within and without.  We ask people to do a self discernment about their joining Living Well Community.  Specifically we ask you to think about the following four questions:

1)  Do I connect with the core values and the vision of Living Well Community?
2)  Do I Connect with the people at Living Well Community and feel that I can live joyfully in community with them?
3)  Do I connect with this land and feel that this place is a good place for me to be?
4)  Do I see my life primarily as Service to the world around me and to myself, and I am willing to look to the greater good as my primary focus?

Living Well Community is committed to diversity.  Just as in a natural ecosystem diversity means stability.  The more diverse the system the more stable the system.  In being part of Living Well Community we affirm the core values of community, sustainability, health/wellness, and honoring the sacred.  And beyond that common affirmation we desire diversity–diversity of ages, backgrounds, life experiences, religious affiliation, ethnicity, race, gender, etc.   We all have gifts to bring to the community, to each other and to the world.   Our hope is that at Living Well Community we help each other to notice, develop, and offer to the world our unique and individual gifts as well as our community gifts.  In welcoming and desiring diversity we also ask all of us to keep a humble spirit and an loving heart, towards ourselves and to each other.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also have a vision of Living Well Community being larger than just who lives here.   And so we are open to an expanded vision of what is community.   We want to connect to our extended neighborhood and to the broader community, and welcome people to be involved with Living Well Community in ways that work and make sense to all of us.

For folks that want to be part of Living Well Community but don’t have the resources at present to buy a lot and build a house, or partner with others to build a house, we are open to exploring creative ideas.  We don’t know what the solutions will be, but we know that where there is intention and effort solutions manifest.    Living Well Community existing at all is a gift, and we notice and appreciate that gift each day.   And we wish to find ways to share that gift and put it out into the world for others as much as we are able.


For folks who want to explore the idea of Living Well Community further, we have found the following steps helpful:

1)  Come visit.  See the land.  Meet the people involved.  See how that connects with your inner vision and desires.
2)  Take part in  the activities at Living Well Community.  Spend time with the land.  Go to places on the land where you can be quiet and just be.  And spend time with people in the Community hearing their stories and sharing your own stories.
3)  Quiet your inner voices and have time let your mind, body, and spirit help you sense what is the best decision for you.


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