Volunteering and Visiting

Living Well Community is a community in development. We welcome people to be part of the community in many capacities, including short term volunteers and visitors. We are constantly learning and growing. We welcome you to join us with a humble heart in this journey. We are committed to a life of service and look forward to connecting with others with similar values. Don't come expecting us to be perfect, or to have everything figured out, but what we do know we are happy to share.

Our goal is not that people see us as doing something special, but that in some small way you can be inspired by connecting with us to envision and help create a more sustainable, just, and love- inspired world. And we hope that you will provide us with the same encouragement and hope. For we are all travelers together on this journey of life, and we need to encourage and lift each other up.

We welcome visitors and volunteers to our community. Realize that we are still a community in development and our infrastructure for having visitors and volunteers is still modest. We are not always able to take additional volunteers, or able to host a visit on short term notice. Please contact us in advance to set up a visit. We also ask that people wishing to volunteer, first visit the community to see what is here and to help us together discern what options are possible and helpful to you and to the community.

We envision the following possible longer term volunteer positions to be developed over time:

  • Sustainable Food Production Internship
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living Internship (including nutrition, healthy food preparation, active living lifestyles, physical fitness, holistic health exploration, etc)
  • Managing Woodlands for Sustainable forest products Internship
  • Natural Cooking, Fermenting, and Food Preparation Internship
  • Alternative Energy and Water Catchment Internship
  • Help with organization of the Living Well Folk School and/or help with planning events and workshops on local self reliance.
  • Green Building and Construction Skills Internship

  • It is assumed that Internships will be self directed with support from members of Living Well Community. Internships will include a combination of self-directed study and projects identified by Living Well Community.

    To set up a visit or explore Internship options contact:

    Harvey Harman
    > Debra Hayden-Barrett 631-804-3648