Self Reliance

Living Well Community — Cluster of Businesses with a Focus on Food and Local Self Reliance.

Goal: Develop a cluster of cottage industries/businesses that together can share support structures and business development opportunities. Develop this cluster as a destination point for people interested in local food and local self reliance. Focus on agriculture businesses and businesses that help develop local self reliance. Develop multiple avenues for income generation.

Main Cluster Areas:

1. Health and Wellness Businesses where good nutrition and eating local, highly nutritious food is emphasized.

  • Birthwise of Central NC Midwifery, Infant and Well
  • Mother Care (Existing Business)
  • Natural Highs (Existing Business)
  • Integrative Health Center
  • Aging –in-place /Reversing the Effects of Aging through Good Nutrition and Healthy Living Business

2. Natural and Green Building Businesses Using local materials.

  • Small House Institute (Existing as part of LWES)
  • Walk Softly, LLC (Existing Green Building Business)
  • Timber Frame Construction Business
  • Earth Block and Natural Building Construction Business
  • Annual “Small House Convergence” Event (Planned for September, 2014)
  • Kit Home Manufacturing Business

3. Direct Food and Agricultural Product Production Businesses

  • Farmer Cooperative (Expand Garlic Cooperative—Part of LWES)
  • Sustenance Farm (Existing)
  • Mushroom Production Business
  • Edible Landscaping Nursery
  • Harvesting and cultivation of Wild Edibles and Medicinals
  • Internship Program to train new Farmers (Existing)
  • Natural cosmetics, soaps, and body care product production using locally produced ingredients
  • Local Herbal tea business

4. Cottage Industries related to local self reliance, with a primary focus of agriculture and forest products:

  • Blacksmith and tool making business (Existing)
  • Wood Scythe making and wooden tool business (Existing)
  • Energy production business (solar, wind, hydro)
  • Wood Shop/Furniture Making Shop
  • Sawmill and Timber Frame Workshop
  • Biofuel Production

5. Food Related Businesses

  • Local Food Restaurant/Café
  • Value-Added Food Processing facility and Business
  • Local Food Distribution Business

6. Eco-tourism focused on Local Food, Sustainability, Culture, and Recreation.

  • Living Well Conference Center and Campground
  • Local Sustainability Tours
  • Garlic Festival and other Food Related Festivals,/li>
  • Farm Holidays
  • Bed and Breakfast Inn

7. Educational Programs

  • Living Well Folk School (Existing. Part of LWES)(See Attachment)
  • Classes through local Community Colleges (Existing through CCCC)
  • Collaboration with 4 year Colleges in the area

  • 8. Arts , Music, and Culture

    • Instrument Maker
    • Potter
    • Cabinet maker

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