Living Well Organic Farm

We plan to have edible landscaping throughout Living Well Community. In addition, we have a community garden and orchard integrated into the center of the community. Can you imagine anything more fun than playing at the park and then picking blueberries? As soon as the barn is finished, Mocha the goat will take up residence at the farm with her daughter Cafe, and niece and nephew Oliver and Annie. Beauty the Jersey/Holstein cow will come along as well, and we look forward to her calf arriving in early January. Lady Gray and her new friend, who we thought was Earl Gray, but turned out to be Jasmine, will accompany the 25 hens and roosters who are happy to provide us with fresh eggs. Raised beds for vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers will cover a portion of the ten-acre farm. Following the contour of the land, we will design a small pond, double fencing to discourage the deer, and cabins for the interns and farm manager. Food for our community will be provided by a farm stand or CSA. Now that is local food!