Shared Community Amenities

The Living Well Community already has a number of shared community amenities and is in the process of creating more based on the interest of the group.

Present Shared Amenities:

  • All members of Living Well Community have recreational and wild foraging rights to the 53 acre Conservation Area buffering the Deep River and Sandy Creek. (See map showing the Conservation Area).
  • Neighborhood Park and Orchard (approximately 2 acres). The Neighborhood Park sits above the residential areas and has great views of the community. It is a great place for looking at stars at night, or throwing a Frisbee during the day. Additional amenities will be added as the community has interest and desire.
  • Community Garden. We are starting to develop the Community Garden, with the first crops going in the Spring of 2015. We envision combining livestock and gardening next to each other. The community has many avid and talented gardeners who have a strong commitment to growing local, organic food and doing it with others.
  • Greenway and Trail System. The Deep River Rail Trail crosses The Living Well Community and makes easy access to downtown Franklinville and Ramseur. Additional trails along Sandy Creek are under development.
  • Community Swimming Area: We have one Community Swimming area already at Sandy Creek, and are looking at developing a second one.

Additional Envisioned Amenities:

  • Food Buying Cooperative. We have interest in cooperative buying of local and organic staple foods. Such buying allows us to access high quality food at a reasonable price and saves time and transportation and packaging resources.
  • Tool Share: We have discussed sharing basic tools for the benefit of the community.
  • Car Share/Ride Share: Living Well Community has interest in reducing our carbon footprint and one way to do that is to drive less and use motorized vehicles less often. A community where people live close to each other can organize car/ride shares more easily than friends spread out over a larger geographical area.
  • Community recycling and composting: We are in the process of identifying a place in the community for community wide recycling and composting.
  • Movie and book library
  • Studio Space. Artist Space. Yoga Space. Meditation Space.
  • Community House or Space