A True Community

When we speak of community, we may be referring to family, tribe, neighborhood, or beliefs. At Living Well Community, we are including all of these. We want to more clearly put in place a neighborhood and community committed to the ideas of living more sustainably, having fun and being creative, being joyous, and envisioning what is Health and Wellness in its complete sense. We believe that living in community with other folks who also have this vision sends out healing ripples into the world. The layout of Living Well Community reflects function. How do we better conserve resources and protect the beautiful surroundings by respecting natural patterns of human movement and interaction? This not only reduces “traffic,”but also allows more personal interactions between people to create a stronger community. All parts of Living Well work towards creating true community and an understanding of the values we hold in common while allowing people space to be individuals. The Conference Center and its design keep the focus from only turning inward. Trails, recreational activities, holistic health services and organic food production all promote health and well-being in general. The gurgling of water from the River and Creek, the peaceful surrounding forest, the endless plant diversity, and interactions with curious wildlife all connect us to the Natural World. We welcome and celebrate our individual gifts, talents, insights, and backgrounds. We see our connections to each other, and to all the life flowing about us. We are Living Well.

The Land’s Story

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Living Well Community is situated within the small town of Franklinville,NC, which was once a stop on the Underground Railway. Located 26 miles from Greensboro, 69 miles from Raleigh, and 73 miles from Charlotte, Living Well is in the geographic center of North Carolina. The land is beautiful, with mountain-like topography, rock outcroppings, abundant wild flowers, frontage on the Deep River and Sandy Creek, and a Regional Greenway/Bikeway. The approved plan has a proposed campground along the river. The property also has a 50+ acre conservation easement as a natural buffer along the creek and river.

The Home and Community Design

Living Well Community already has 17 mixed use home sites with water, sewer, and road in place, as well as 17 patio home lots. Three cohousing “pods,” or neighborhoods, are currently in the design phase, as cohousing members meet and refine the vision. The development ordinances in Franklinville are based on traditional village design. The book, A PATTERN LANGUAGE, describes these elements. Later phases of the community will include some commercial lots. Homes will be energy-efficient and utilize principles of Green design. We also are developing home plans that can be built in stages to improve affordability, accessibility, and adaptability. Universal Design Principles, which make buildings function well for young children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility, are encouraged in all structures. Alternative energies, alternative economies, edible landscaping, rainwater catchment systems, geothermal energy, pedestrian and bike transportation are all encouraged. Later phases may include some commercial lots.

The International Living Well Conference Center

The Living Well Conference Center,a 10,000 sq.ft. building encompassing the historic McIver-Faulk home (ca.1854) serves as an inspiring, peaceful setting for events and conferences. We already have regular gatherings and campouts highlighting local music groups, Permaculture skill share sessions, workshop in self-reliance skills, and Small House construction.

The Conference Center can hold up to 250 people and is presently still under construction and development. Presently we have rustic camping facilities, with future plans for Small cabins and RV/camper sites.

4 Core Values of Living Well Community:

At Living Well Community we have 4 core, foundational values:

  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Health and Wellness
  • Honoring the Sacred within and without

The inspiration for Living Well Community comes from many sources, but is driven by the core group of folks who have pushed the vision of Living Well Community forward. Inspiration also comes from the land itself, from the river and the rocks, and from the abundant plant and animal life communities. Land has a voice also, and we work at blending the many voices that make up Living Well Community.