About the Living Well Community

At Living Well Community we want to more clearly put in place a neighborhood and community committed to the ideas of Living more sustainably, having fun and being creative, being joyous, envisioning what is Health and Wellness in its complete sense, and honoring the Sacred within and without.

Cohousing is a model of community that includes private homes on shared land, with a common house that may be used for functions that the group defines.

Develop a cluster of cottage industries/businesses that together can share support structures and business development opportunities. Develop this cluster as a destination point for people interested in local food and local self reliance. Focus on agriculture

Living Well Community is a community in development. We welcome people to be part of the community in many capacities, including short term volunteers and visitors. We are constantly learning and growing. We welcome you to join us

Have questions about the Living Well Community? Contact us, we'd love to talk with you!